7x11mm Magnetic Clasp - Qty: 5


$10.00 AUD 


Fun and simple to attach, magnetic clasps are strong and eliminate fumbling with tiny latches and hooks. Easy to put on and remove, these magnetic clasps contain super-strong magnets that create an excellent clasp. This size measures 11mm long (including the loops) by 7mm wide. A great quality clasp for a great finish! If you are making a bracelet, maybe you would like to add a safety chain that doesn't stick to the magnet - see our section on 'chains' via 'stringing' listing.

Colours:  Ancient Brass (the pinkish colour - sometimes called 'copper'), Ancient Gold, Black Nickel, Gold, Nickel & Silver. The packs are either gold, silver or mixed.  The mixed pack may consist of one of each of the more unusual colours, or sometimes according to stock you may get 2 of a certain colour.  If you require exact colours, order from our single clasp listing.

Quantity per pack:  5 clasps