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6mm Evil Eye (25) - Transparent Clear - Glass Beads

$5.00 AUD


These little evil eye style beads are great fun, and so hard to find!  But here at Bead Shack we have them in 5 colours, or you can buy them in a mixed colour bag if you want a few of each for feature beads.  We have transparent glass in pink, dark blue, aqua blue, light brown & clear.  The eyes are added by hand after the bead has been made.  These beads are made in the lampwork method; you will see a white core inside the bead which is indicative of lampwork.

These eye beads are from very old stock from a bead haul Bead Shack did about 20 years ago, and the beads were old before that!  Totally brand new to you of course, never used, but the quality is amazing and we think you will adore these little cuties!

Use an evil eye bead as a feature on your macrame or shamballa style bracelets, or a cute little pair of earrings, mix a few through your other beads when stringing necklaces and bracelets.  There's lots of uses for these beads, and being a 6mm bead, they really are easy to fit in with your beading styles.

Colours:  Transparent Clear Glass Bead w. White & Red Eyes

Quantity per pack:  25 beads