64 slot Kumihimo Disk


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Diameter: 6"
Thickness: 20 mm
Center Hole: 35 mm
64 slots

Beadsmith kumihimo double density disks are made of 3/4″ (20mm) thick foam—double the thickness of the Beadsmith standard kumihimo disks! The additional tension created by the increased thickness is useful when braiding.

Diameter: 6 inches (15.25 cm)

  • 64 Slot Kumihimo Disk for using up to 40 strings!
  • If you like to use more threads when braiding, this disk is for you. It gives you more spaces between cords which makes it easier to follow your pattern.
  • Extra Thick Foam for fine Threads, Wire & Beaded Kumihimo. Holds your threads tighter
  • Large 6" size with 35 mm center hole for larger beads plus it can be used with the clear or purple handle
  • High Quality Beadsmith item.

Quantity per Listing:  1 Disk

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