5mm Brown 'Bubble' Vintage Beads - special priced packs

Bead Shack

$6.00 AUD $31.50 AUD


These are the most amazing beads!  Use them as bubbles on a quilt, especially if there are fishies on the fabric! Or use them for eyes on small handmade toys, or for repairs.   Of course they are amazing for beading jewellery too, and because they are lightweight they are ideal for both jewellery makers and sewers/embellishers.

These beads will send off different looks as they move.  They are almost a coffee brown on one side, with the other side being almost golden iridescent.

They measure 5mm with a hole about .7mm in size.

I’ve put 50 grams in a bag,  They are quite lightweight.  This pack gives you about 700 beads.  Believe me, if you use stuff like this, you will use this many.  They are truly gorgeous!  Normal price for these would be $4.50/100, so this is an absolute bargain!  It just happens that we found a whole box of them in our storage!

If you want a necklace 50cm long, you would use about 100 beads, so this pack would make up to 7 necklaces if you just used this one bead style.  Otherwise, use for fillers and accents in many many pieces.  You will be glad to have this colour in your stash - you will be amazed at the places where they will look just right!

I’ve tried to look them up, because (as the photo shows) they are very old and packaged by Jos. H Meyer Bros.  I’ve googled that name, and it seems that they were pretty hotshot jewellery designers, either in the 1930s or 1950s I couldn’t quite work out what the search results meant.  But anyhow, I wasn’t born until 1959, so they could be pretty old, and judging by the label on the packet, how it has yellowed, it looks like my old Sunday School prize labels LOL.  So  yeah, they are pretty old.  But soooooo perfect!

Here is a link our VIP customer Melinda found:  http://www.house-of-francheska.co.uk/vintagerichelieu.htm