5mm - 6mm Macrame Rope (50m) - Black or White

Bead Shack

$18.95 AUD 


MACRAME CORD - 5mm - 6mm thick.  We feel the size is 6mm, but have written 5-6mm because if it's pulled tighter it looks thinner.

This cord comes as a hank, and each weighs approximately 200 grams. This gives you about 50m. The rope is comprised of 4 twists of synthetic cords, encased in a woven mesh of cotton.

This rope is so beautiful and soft to work with; no blisters on your hands with this one!

Colours available: Black, White

Please note:  The black sometimes comes with a white inside.  If you DON'T want this to happen, please let us know and we will attempt to send you black within black.  We don't know why it varies, but it's according to the stock on hand at the time, what we are sent!  You can pull the cotton casing back a bit, snip the cord shorter than the casing, then either knot or wrap the ends.  This will stop the white from showing, as it only shows at the cut ends of the rope.

The photographs show a regular iPhone USB cable to hopefully help you with the sizing of the cord.