4-strand Vertical Loop Clasp - Qty: 2


$6.10 AUD 


How very sensible!

Here, finally, is a clasp that doesn't show all the loops once you have sewn or crimped your piece on!  Why didn't we think of this before??

A really great clasp, that is very secure and sits in a cuff without being unsightly.  If you think of putting an arm into a sleeve, that's how this clasp works.  One part slides inside the other part for a nice firm fit.

Finish off your special pieces by adding this beautiful clasp.

The clasp measures 26mm long.  Loops have an inner diameter of 1.5mm, the loop measures 1.2mm thick, and there is 3.25mm distance in between each loop.

Quantity per pack:  2 clasp sets

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