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3 Loop Antique Gold Vintage Clasp Qty: 1 Set

$5.00 AUD


This little clasp has a buckle action where the closure needs to be squeezed to release the clasp, so it is nice and secure.


The gold colour is changing with age.  We've had these in storage for over 10 years, and they are darkening with age since we first received them.  They are a remarkable find!  Circa 1950s - you won't find many of these around!


It is a truly antique gold colour & features 3 round crystals along the centre. The larger crystal in the middle measures 3mm with a 2mm crystal on either side. Beside the crystals is a scroll-type etching in the metal, with a heart etched at either end of the clasp.


This clasp could be the perfect clasp when repairing vintage jewellery, or making new jewellery that you want to look antique.