3-4mm Natural Cotton Rope - Bulk Packs

Bead Shack

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These bulk packs are generally worth $149.50 but as a bulk buy, you receive 33% off the RRP.

This macrame cord is all cotton.  You can wax it before use if you wish.  The pack weights 1 kilo.  Each ball weighs about 90-100 grams so this gives you between 30 and 40 metres.  The cotton cord measures about 4mm thick, but could sometimes be a little thinner in parts according to how tight it is wound.  (We will attempt to send you balls that all look the same thickness if you order multiple balls.)  It is made from 3 separate cords twisted together. 

I have measured out quite a few packs now, and generally you can expect about 350 metres total, but this is an estimate, as it seems to be packed by weight.

As with all ropes of this nature, you should expect there to be some knots joining the rope within the balls.  We will not sell you any that look like there are knots showing, but we can't guarantee there will be knotted joins inside the balls.

Perfect for lots of crafts, but especially being hunted by macrame lovers all over.  Lovely and soft, it's just perfect for lots of macrame projects like hanging pots, wall hangings and homeware projects. 

Bead Shack also stocks thicker and thinner cords on other listings!  Photos are included of items made with this thread.

Colours available:  Cream, Off White, Dark Cream or Black.