2mm Rat Tail (10m)


$5.00 AUD 


Rat Tail cord is a shiny stringing material often used in many different types of craft and jewellery making projects.  Smooth, shiny and strong, it's so versatile! 

Use for:

  • Kumihimo braiding
  • Shamballa Bracelet designs
  • Chinese Knotting designs
  • Macrame knotting
  • Loom weaving
  • Thonging for pendants and necklaces
  • Trimming for other crafts and projects
  • Sewing onto clothing for decoration
  • Use thicker cords as piping on cushions and homewares projects
  • and anything else you can think of!

This size Rat tail Cord is available in an array of rich colours; use one colour alone, or mix complimentary colours to co-ordinate with any outfit, or try incorporating rat tail with other cords for added texture and interest.

You will also find this handy for stringing large hole beads, weaving friendship bracelets, trimming on apparel - there are all sorts of wonderful applications with this lovely satiny polyester thread.

Each listing is for 10 metres, and you'll probably want to grab all the colours if you are a Kumihimo fan!

Thickness:  2mm

17 Colours - choose from the drop down menu