2-Hole 5cm Capiz Shells

Bead Shack

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These 2-hole have a 1mm threading hole about 5mm in from the edges, for hanging and connecting.

Colour:  White

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Capiz shells are also sometimes called windowpane shell, and they originate from a particular species of oyster shell. People use them mainly for the drops on dream catchers, wind chimes, light fittings, homeware decorations etc, as well as for pendants on jewellery - necklaces, earrings etc.

They can even be hand painted for a really stunning effect, or you could try beautiful papers or stickers etc and resin or modge podge over the top (just suggestions, we haven't actually tried that yet but it's worth investigating!).

It's really hard to buy as the raw materials, usually you only see these shells on a finished item. So here you can grab your own and start to create your very own masterpieces!

The shells have been dyed and we have washed some well in cold water, then given them a rub with a dry towel, and we found that no dye ran from the shells. As far as whether the colour stays for any major length of time in the wind/sun/rain we are unsure, as the product is new to us, so we can't guarantee that side of things for you. Also available in smaller size of 3cm (1 or 2 hole) and 2cm (1 or 2 hole) diameters and larger in 8cm.