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1mm Natural Cotton Rope Cord - Many Colours!


MACRAME or CROCHET NATURAL COTTON CORD - 1mm thick.  OH!  The Colours!!

Quantity per ball:  100 grams = approximately 300 metres.

This cord comes in a ball weighing approximately 100 grams.  Lovely and soft, it is easy to work with, and in it’s natural colour, which is a light cream, and because this cord has no coating whatsoever (you can wax it yourself if you prefer it to be coated) you can dye it to any shade you like. The rope is comprised of 5 very fine cords, twisted, for a total thickness of 1mm. 

This soft cotton cord is perfect for crochet.  Make doilies, cardigans, jug covers, well anything you like really!

Also great for very fine macrame projects, maybe even micro-macrame (although this cord is softer than what is usually used for micro-macrame).

Available in lots of colours - choose from the drop down menu

The photographs show a regular iPhone USB cable to hopefully help you with the sizing of the cord.