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10mm Mixed Silicone Beads (100)

$27.50 AUD

These BPA free, washable & freezable silicone beads have been popular for a few years now, used in 'mummy jewellery', teething rings for babies, teacher's lanyards, handbag and key chains, macrame and home wares.  Some of the colours are gorgeous!  We have done a clearance from another supplier of these beads, so we have limited choice available at this stage, but at a great price online here!

The beads in this listing are 10mm round beads, with a threading hole approximately 1-1.5mm.

For threading cords through beads, try using our Cord Threader Tool

Mostly the cord used for these beads is Rats Tail.

Quantity of Beads per pack:  100 mixed colours, including Avocado Green, Copper, Nude Neutral, Pink Blush, Water Green & White Opaque while stocks are available.  If some colours are finished we will replace with in stock colours.