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10mm Bead Cap (100) - Gold - Filigree

$5.00 AUD

These are amazing and very lightweight bead caps.  They are a lacy filigree, and you could use them in so many ways!

Make them look a bit leafy and use with flowers, or as the top of a drop flower (like a fuchsia for example).  We use them on our Christmas Puddin' earrings to make it look like the custard.  We sometimes use 2 at a time as the halo on an angel's head.

They also just look great to enhance a large bead - they can also help with a very large holed bead.  Using a bead cap with a small hole, on a bead with a large hole, can help keep the bead looking better when using tiger tail and thin beading wires.

Another clever use for them is to flatten them completely, then use them on scrap booking, card making or any projects where you want a lacy look.  You can wire or glue your centre into the middle.

Quantity per pack:  100 pieces

Measurements:  8.5mm x 10mm x 4mm with a 1mm threading hole