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Snakes and Lizards Party

Snakes & Lizards Party - $235 The kids will have a creepy crawly good time weaving a spider, snake, goanna or gecko. They will be in awe that they are able to make such masterpieces from beads & string!

  • Prices are for up to 10 children & each extra child is a further $15 each.

  • After hours bookings are available (extra fees apply).

  • Sundays & after hours may incur extra charges for groups

    larger than 10.

  • Mobile parties are welcome - please call us to discuss the

    possibilities & any extra costs which might be charged

    (travel, time etc).

  • Bead Shack staff are diligent, and ensure that no child has

    difficulty – larger beads can always be used for a very young or un-coordinated child


  • Birthday cake

  • Simple snack foods, eg cold finger foods, fruit – but nothing

    too messy or wet & squishy

  • Candles & Matches

  • Plates &/or serviettes & cups

  • Drinks