Grey Frosted AB 8/0 (26fab) - 22 gram Tube **


$12.30 AUD 


** This colour may not be able to be restocked, according to whether my supplier gets it back in or not.  Please make sure when ordering, that you have enough for your project as you may not be able to reorder this one in the near future.

8/0 is a great medium sized seed bead.  They are a definite must have in anyone's beading kit!  The large holes allow for many passes of your beading thread when bead weaving, most 8/0 having a hole around 1 - 1.1mm in size.

Size of Beads: 3mm. Type of Beads: 8/0 Matsuno.

Quantity per pack:  22 grams = approximately 850 beads.

Matsuno:  # 26fab Grey Frosted AB