Rattan Hoops - (9 sizes)

Bead Shack

$5.00 AUD 


*** Please read postage notes at the bottom of this page.


Nowhere else have we seen rings like this at such an affordable price.

You are buying 1 totally natural hoop, handmade in a time honoured fashion in Indonesia by villagers (we love giving small villagers meaningful employment).  Even better, these hoops are totally recyclable as well as ethical to the environment!

Paint it, leave it natural, smother it in ribbons, flowers, ropes, make a wall hanging, a birthday gift for a friend, a new decoration for your bedroom, make unusual creations for something different on your market stall.  So many uses for these bamboo hoops.

All the hoops are different thicknesses, and it seems each batch we buy comes differently again!  We will try and keep the descriptions below up to date, but please forgive us if they are approximate, as we can't always keep up with the stock changes.

O/D = Outside Diameter (approximate)

Thick =  thickness of the ring itself (approximate)

I/D = Inside Diameter (approximate)


Thin Rings

O/D 11.5cm - .7cm thick, so I/D 10cm

O/D 17cm - .7mm thick, so I/D 15.5cm

O/D 22cm - .7mm thick, so I/D 20.5cm


Thick Rings

O/D 19.5cm - 1.5cm thick, so I/D 16.5cm

O/D 27-28cm - 1.5cm thick, so I/D 24-25cm

O/D 32cm - 1.5cm thick, so I/D 29cm

O/D 42cm - 1.5cm - 2cm thick, so I/D 38-39cm

O/D 53cm - 2cm thick, so I/D 49cm

O/D 70cm - 2cm thick, so I/D 66cm

Photos of a hand holding up decorated hoops are made by a sweet 17 year old girl who did her very first course in decorating hoops, and Chloe has allowed us to show her photos using our hoops!

There are 2 other photos (credits on actual photo) - flowers are done by Naomi who is actually only 13 years old and she's a florist!!

Postage Note:  The largest rings may send the postage sky high, because of the way we needed to list them so that they go as a parcel (far too big for our large letter size).  Should you buy more than one item, the postage could be far too much.  You can either check with us first before placing your order, or trust us that we will refund you any overpaid postage at the time of sending.  Alternatively, your postage may be too low, and by purchasing from this listing you are also consenting to us sending you an invoice for underpaid postage amount.

Priority Post is not an option on the rings larger than 40cm in most cases, as they do not fit into the largest 5kg Australia Post satchel.  These largest rings come to you in a generic grey satchel and so can only be regular parcel post.  Do be aware that sometimes extra postage costs may need to be added for these very large rings, according to the quantity and weight.  Please email us for information regarding your postage costs or trust that we will calculate them to the best possible rate for you when we ask for extra payment, or give refunds.