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View all 1 pound 1-Hole Shapes 10mm hole 2mm hole acrylic flowers activities activity angel angel head angel heads angels Animal Print art artesan artesaqn artisan australia babies room baby baby clothes baby room back back plate bag bag clip bag making bag repair bake baked baking bamboo bamboos baroque basket bead bead box bead maker bead rolling bead storage bead to keep busy bead weaving beadcord beaded beading beading is good for you beads and more Beads Clearance big bead big hole big hole beads bird birds Birthday party gift ideas blade blond blonde bob-eez bobeez boho box bracelet making Bracelet Patterns braid braiding braids brain food brooch backs brooches bullet Bunting Buntings cage candle candle wicking candles cane Capiz Shells carry bag carve catcher catchers ceramic ceramics child children children's chime chimes Chinese Knotting Thread chocet chop christmas christmas theme circle circles circular Clasps Clasps Other clay clay baking clay beads clay roller clayed claying clays claywork Clearance closed rings colour colourful compartment compartmented compartments condition conditioning cookie coordination cord cord ends cords corona corona virus corona virus australia coronapocalypse cover covers covid 19 cowries cowry cowrys craft craft bead craft beads craft box craft groups craft project craft wood bead craftbox crafting crafts create creative crochee crochet crocheting crochey croshey Crystal Chinese crystal Swarovski cut cutter cutters cutting cutting tool DB Decorate decorating decoration decorations Decorative decorator design Diamante diamond diamonds disability disc display distancing DIY doilies doilys doll doll head Dolly dream dream catcher rings dream catcher supplies dreamcatcher dreamcatchers drill drill out drilling dummies dummy ear back Ear Fittings Chandeliers Ear Fittings Hoops Ear Hoop Ear Hoops ear post earnut earring earrings easy embellish embellishment embellishments engage the brain engagement enlarger environment environmentally ethical event event management events extruding eye feather feather supplies Feathers festive fimo findings storage Flag Flags flat flatten flip top container flip tops floral floressant floressent florist florist arrangement floristry flourescent flouresent flouressent flower flowers flurescent fluro flurow flurro friendly garden garland geometric gift gift tags gifts gifttags Gilders Paste Gilders Paste Wax glow glowing grass gray green grey group guinea pigs half kilo hand hand carved Hand Cut hand made Handbag handcarve handcarved handdrill handel handle handmade hang hangers Hanging hangings hearts Hemp hemp & macrame rope holders holiday fun holidays holly leaf holly leaves homeware homewares hoop hoops hula hula hoop id ideas impression Indian Glass instruction instructions interior iso life isolate isolation isolationcreation Japanese keep busy keep busy at home keeper kid kits Kid's Kits kids kids craft projects kit kits kits for all ages knot knots knotted knotting Kumihimo kumihimo supplies lacquer lamp lamps large block large capiz large hole Large Hole Bead Threader large oyster shell largehole Latchhook Leaf Leaf Trim leafy Leather leatherwork leaves Leppard light lightweight lock down lockdown loom looming loomwork love luna lunar macrame macrame kits macrame knotting macrame movement Macrame Rope macrame supplies macramemovement macrames magatama Magatamas make a bag make holes make your own holly making man made management managements manmade mermaid scale scales metal metal spacers mind health Miscellaneous mixing clays mixture mobile mobiles mold molding moons mother of pearl capiz shel mould moulding multi pack mustard musthavecraft my pandemic mypandemic natural natural wood neat necklace necklace kits Necklace Patterns nilon no holes non toxic normal nurseries nursery nut nylon nylon cords nylon threads one pound open bezel order orderly organisation organise organised Other Kits Other Patterns Other Shapes out oval ovals owl oyster pacifier pacify Packaging packaging & display packets Packs painted pandemic party pack pasta maker paster pastor pattern Patterns pearly shells people person pet pets pierce ear pierced Pierced ear loop pigment pigmentation pigments plaited plaitted planning plant hanger plant holder plastic plate plated platted ply Polemer polimar Polimer Polymar polymer Polymer Clay Polymer Clay Tool Polymer Clay Tools Polymer III Polymire Pony Beads pop popout popup portable post pot hanger pound precision Premo Premo Sculpey Clay Premo! Premo! Sculpey Clay preschooler press pressurise pressurize Primo professional project projects pvc quarantine quarantine life quaratine life quarter quick release rabbits Rainbow raser rasor blade Rat Tail Rats rattail rattan Rattan Hoops rattans raw razer razor blade Reamers & Awls Reamers and Awls reception receptions repairs resin reusable Rhinestone ribbon ring rings roller roller machine rolling rope Rope Threader round rounds rub n buff rubber safe safety sale satin sculpey Sculpey III sea sea glass sea gras sea grass seaglass seagrass seagrasssea grass seashells sections secure Seed Bead Ear Rings Seed Beaded Ear Loops seed beading seed beading and more segrass shape shape a bead shaped shaper shapes shapescutter shaping shell shell beads Shell Supplies Shells shiney shining shop shopping silk silk bags slice sliced slices slicing smooth social social distance social distancing soften softening something to do Sooflay Soofley Souffely Soufflay Souffle Souflay Soufley squares squash stainless stainless steel stamp stamped stamping stay at home stay at home challenge steel stopper store straps string string bag Stripe Striped Stripes stud suare suncatcher survival activity survival plan tackle box tags Tail tape tassel teen teether teething texture texture roller texture sheet textured flower designs textures things to do thread threading toddler tool tray triangle triangles Trim trims troca trocca Tube tubes tutorial tutorials twist unfinished unvarnished up upcycle upcycled use with silicone beads valentine vintage Vintage Acrylic & Lucite vintage beads Vintage Indian vintage plastic Vintage Swarovski Crystal Vintage Wood vintage wood bead virus Wall wall art wall decoration wall hanging wallhanging warehouse clearance weave weaver weavers weaving wedding wedding decor weddings wick wicks wind chime chimes wine markers Wood wooden worms woven wrap wrapping wreath wreaths